Welcome to Gambling Academy

by Ian Erskine

The Gambling Academy is set up to help those who find themselves in the world of internet betting to learn and develop skills which will enable them to turn a profit from their gambling. The internet gambling world is made up of a lot of charlatans who set sites up, portray themselves as looking after your interests and all they are really doing is lining their products with tens of thousands of pounds every week from betting system sales whilst 99% of gamblers lose money using their methods. The Gambling Academy gives you an opportunity to learn about gambling, the psychology, the highs and lows experienced from someone who does actually bet, does make 6 figures a year betting and has proven this on his own site. Initially 24 newsletters cover many topics from treating your gambling like a business to methods you can use. Exercises for you to participate in help you along the way.

This is a members only site administered by Ian Erskine, professional gambler and owner of FtsIncome.co.uk.

Ian Erskine is a professional gambler and football addict. Most of his time is spent trading football but he likes to have the odd horse flutter and play poker. He has won over 6 figures consistently each year for the last 5 years. In 2007 he naively entered the world of online gambling after being asked to produce what he does in a book to sell on the web by his friend who built websites. Over the last few years having realized how scurrilous the gambling industry and the people involved online are, he devoted his time to trying to attack scammers. Fighting a losing battle he has now taken up trying to educate gamblers so that they no longer need to rely on the false promises of the online marketers in the industry.This is the start of that education process taking people through a course of newsletters aimed at arming them with all they need to build a winning gambling mentality.